Isabella Stefania Singer Songwriter Recording Artist Trop-Rock Island Country Live Today Official Page
A HUGE THANK YOU to the following people who have sponsored me and my music,
and make all of this possible.
CRUISING OUTPOST MAGAZINE - Thanks to Bob Bitchin and Jody for taking me in and treating me like family! The doors openned and opportunities are phenomenal !!!
Thanks to Eric Stone for allowing me to open for him at the Miami Boat Show Cruising Outpost party!
SEARAY YACHTS - Thanks to Shelby and Ritch for providing an opportunity on the bow of their newest boat, in the nicest booth of the entire Miami Boat Show !!! 
​More on this later...
Sal and Kim - Thank You for the Epiphone EJ-200SCE/VS Guitar that is my main show guitar!
Sal and Kim - Thank You for the Washburn Oscar Schmidt- 0G10CEFLAG Guitar! 
I love the USA Flag on it and it is my Patriotic Show guitar!!!